Federico García Lorca



Federico García Lorca is presumed to be buried in a mass grave in Viznar, a village which lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Granada in Spain, Europe.

He was regarded by Franco's fascists as a dangerous intellectual and was arrested on the 16th August 1936. Three days later he was dragged into a field, along with a schoolmaster and two bullfighters, and shot. His writings were subsequently burnt in the main Plaza in Granada.

While a student in Madrid, Lorca became friends with the surrealist painter Salvador Dali and the film maker Luis Buñuel. Dali designed the set for Lorca's play Mariana Pineda which was first staged in 1927.

In 1929 Lorca traveled to New York. While in the Big Apple he wrote Poeta en Nueva York and also began El público (The Audience) - an explicitly homosexual play.

After returning to Spain, Lorca was appointed Director of the Madrid University Theatre 'La Barraca'. The company toured the provinces giving free performances of classical Spanish plays.

Lorca is, today, regarded as one of Spain's  greatest 20th Century poets and playwrights. However, due to the fascist regime, his plays were not performed again until the 1940's and certain bans on his work remained until 1971.

Lorca's Andalusian upbringing had a profound influence on his writing. One of his finest poems, Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, is an elegy for his friend the Andulusian bullfighter (see extract below).

Tardará mucho tiempo en nacer, si es que nace,
    un andaluz tan claro, tan rico en aventura.
Yo canto su elegancia con palabras que gimen
    y recuerdo una brisa triste por los olivos.

At Alfacar, people now leave messages in the branches of an olive tree - close to where he was shot. There is also a statue of Lorca in the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid.





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