Grandad's Tale of Capture (Prose poem mixed with found text)

Any closet novelists, short story writers, script-writers or prose poets out there?

Grandad's Tale of Capture (Prose poem mixed with found text)

Postby David Smedley » Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:23 pm

Brandon met L33 head on, emptying his Lewis gun, fifty explosive incendiary bullets,
into the Zeppelin's stern section, it bucked and thrashed in mid-air like a harpooned whale.
He banked around and hit the leathery hide again, but his gun jammed forcing him to call off
the engagement. L33 escaped, leaking gas in gouts that shimmered great heat mirages into the sky.
It came down on a field near Peldon and Little Wigborough church, cows were knocked aside
like skittles, trees, lassoed by trailing guy ropes, were ripped out by the roots.
The crew managed to escape before the gas giant was engulfed in a fire storm.
By the time my granddad, Edgar Nicholas got there, "only the ship’s frame remained" he told us,
"burned to the ground, and laid like the bones of some great leviathan on the field of battle."
" We apprehended the entire crew without even firing a shot."

Prose poem: This is a mix of original text and added text to transform the original into the prose poem above. Original text below. ... rships.htm
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