Post-a-Poem Rules. You Must Read These Before Posting!

This is a serious poetry forum not a "love-in". Post here for more detailed, constructive criticism.
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Post-a-Poem Rules. You Must Read These Before Posting!

Post by Nicola » Sun Aug 22, 2004 12:04 pm

Welcome to Post-a-Poem (Experienced)

This is intended to be a friendly (but serious) forum where experienced poets can post their poetry and get feedback from other members.

What You Should Do

1. Review at least 2 other poems in detail before submitting your own. Here are some tips on how to critique poetry:
2. Try to make your criticism constructive. The aim of the forum is to help people to improve the quality of their work. See
3. When posting a poem, put its title in the subject box.
4. Use meaningful feedback to improve your own work.
5. Try not to take criticism personally.
6. If your poem contains explicit or erotic language, please place a warning in the title.
7. Check your spelling and punctuation carefully before you post.
8. Show respect to the moderators; they give up their free time to ensure that this forum runs smoothly.
9. If, following feedback, you wish to add a redrafted version of your poem, please attach it (in full) to the same thread, marking it clearly "Redraft", rather than editing the original as this helps to reduce confusion among reviewers.

What You Should Not Do

1. Post more than one poem at a time on a single thread.
2. Post more than 2 poems a day.
3. Write in capital letters (we are not deaf).
4. Use bold type (we're still not deaf).
5. Use the forum to propagate your religious or political views thinly disguised as poetry.
6. Assume multiple identities in order to praise your own work.
7. Get your friends to register in order to praise your work.
8. Use the forum primarily to plug your own websites.
9. Be deliberately argumentative.
10. Tell us about your vanity published work; we're not interested.
11. Add a copyright symbol. (We're not going to steal your work and, even if we were, who would we sell it to?)
12. Do Keats or Shakespeare impersonations.

Poems that are well received may be featured on the forum. All poems posted on Post-a-Poem remain the copyright of the author.

Remember: the more you put in, the more you'll get out!

Warning: if the moderators feel that you are posting above your weight, your work may be moved to the "Beginners" forum.

We look forward to reading your contributions.

Cameron and Nicola