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Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:43 pm
by Suzanne

"I could undertake to be an efficient pupil if it were possible to find an efficient teacher."
Gertrude Stein


A grain of sand and a cup, a barge of crystal bits is not meaning. The filling of my head is not a legal document. One grain one grain then a thousand clog thinking. Scattered out and clumped together which lead along a path into a haze of the illogical sentence structure. No good can come of her confusion. I follow a shifting stale trail. There is no use of a even a million dry grains in a closed brain, what is it.


There is the yellow limestone and curdles of cream shifting in sunlight that is not permitted to shine in bleak corners where the brain functions normally. Forgetting, as if sunlight is supposed to shine on the brain, which it isn't and even if it were, a head would have to be blown open from some accident which wasn't really an accident since sunlight is desired and longed for. Sunlight is not a thickening agent. Why throw open your mind to let her blow through within an unfocused breeze and say things about that which you may have thought were in focus and clear and are no longer so but so are no longer so clear as long.

Why do that. Why.

Her poetry merely mocks meaning of daily observations and well loved objects that are familiar in the room of the house in the dark room. There is a clotted house. There is wind blowing through a very dark house built or not quarried from stone.


It is to no avail. There is no needle to juggle her sand in the hole of my head. Why juggle her nonsense into a linear patten to make meaning where there is none in the shadow of the hole in my head. Written words that say nothing. It is not possible to assign her words something meaningful to say and if it were possible, she would be the first to make it impossible by tipping me upside down to empty the pockets of my mind onto the shiny wooden floors of this University and leave me without anything in my pockets, standing on a foundation of random unattached words.

It is a farce she is perpetrating and she probably knew that all along. She makes no sense. What madness stains her name onto the bindings of anthologies?


Now - Gertrude – O the height and the depths!
That poetic Pennsylvanian,
A real Diasporan darling,
How modern she was! How avant!
Such Dickensian real verité expression of soul,
Elusive, allusive, beauty as rare as the vole.

I cannot pretend I understand her form -
But it works, does it not? Poetically dull!
I beg and inveigle, do not ascribe meaning –
The purpose of poetry is to engender a leaping
Delight, not inform your mind –

O Gertrude, O Gertrude,
You rare poetical find!


What ink blinds the scholar to think that her words are to be profound. You have eaten the toxic blue ink of academia. It is blue ink. It is black ink, it is very black ink or perhaps red if red is a colour of blood that surges through the veins of such scholars. Or it is merely sand in the veins of scholars. Boring clogged blue sand that eventually plugs their ears and blinds their eyes.

"Argument is to me the air I breathe. Given any proposition, I cannot help believing the other side and defending it." -Gertrude Stein

A bit of something by Owen and I.


Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 3:09 am
by brianedwards
Green with envy.


Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:26 am
by calico
What a brilliant effort! I've got Tender Buttons somewhere, to go back to - - But this is heaven to read. Thanks.


Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:19 pm
by Suzanne
Brain and Megan,

Happy! I am always surprised by comments like this. I just wasn't sure how it sounded. Glad it is okay.
I am sure Owen will say the same when he pops in.

Though I am not the N, I have made it known around here that I don't love GS.

But doing the prep, I found that I actually don't dislike her work as much as I thought I did. There is a certain something pleasing about her style, but it is definitely dated. And I don't want to own the book, thanks. lol.

The title is not good, is it? Any ideas about that?

Smiling, yep.


Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:58 pm
by BenJohnson
An amazingly good response from the pair of you, well done.


Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:48 pm
by Suzanne
Thank you very much Ben!

You know how much I like GS! I bet you were surprised!
I did learn to appreciate her more when I had to read and try to mimic her.

Exposing yourself afresh to things you have decided along the way to dislike is never a bad thing. Just last week I tried sauerkraut again...
but, well, no change on that opinion...

I like GS better than sauerkraut.... there is something poetic in that, lol.

Nice to hear from you,