Easter morning

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Easter morning

Post by David » Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:17 pm

When Jesus Christ,
that likely lad,
awoke in that unlighted place,
what dreams he thought he'd had,
what buffetings -
the patient faces of the patriarchs
broke out into hosannas and acclaim;
the justified
thronged gladly out,
leaving no forwarding address, avoiding
the eye of those now proved ruinously wrong.

What a dream he'd had; he laughed
until his side ached,
and studied with interest
the dirt beneath
his fingernails
and his snowy raiment.
He heard voices that he loved.
He thought of the waiting world
and leaned against the stone,
which yielded easily.
It was just about the rising of the sun.
Everything that was going to happen
was going to start happening now.