Caesar's Grammatica Brittanica - Page 1

The complete collection.
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Caesar's Grammatica Brittanica - Page 1

Post by twoleftfeet » Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:09 pm

A moan amass a mat, a marmot a marten a mitt
alone alas alack, a llama a larder alit

Annoy a knack an ape, a nimbus an isthmus anoint
a joy a jack a jape, a jam-jar adjacent a joint

Askance a skein a scape, escarpment escapist a scamp
A ghost aghast agate, a gammon a garter a gamp

Amok a make a mark, a mammoth a mantis a maid
A shock a shake a shark, a shambles a shanty a shade

a cloak a clock a clake, a clamour a clamper a clank
a croak a crock a crake,a crampon a crammer a crank

a bin abyss a bill, a bimbo abysmal a bit
a pin a piss a pill, a pimple a pittance a pit

a lace a lake allayed, a lamp-post alarum a laugh
an ace an ache an aid, enamour, in armour, in half

a seed a seep a sip, a simper a sitter a sou
a deed a deep a dip, a dimple a ditty adieu.
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