Featured Poems: Questions and Answers

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Featured Poems: Questions and Answers

Post by cameron » Sun Sep 04, 2005 3:28 pm

Q: How do I get a poem of mine featured here?
A : First you need to post your work in one of the the "Post-a-Poem" forums and hope that it gets chosen.

Q: Who does the choosing?
A: The moderators and site admin team.

Q: How often are featured poems chosen?
A: We try to have a new featured poem every few weeks or so. However, it depends on the quality of the work being posted. Sometimes we'll have one every week - sometimes only one a month.

Q: Will poems posted in the "Beginners Post-a-Poem" be considered?
A: Yes, all poems posted in the forums will be considered. However, good quality poems posted in "Beginners" will normally be moved into "Experienced" by the mods.

Q: Do only the PG in-crowd get there work featured here?
A: No, we are continually looking for quality work from new contributors. Obviously, the more you contribute to the forum the more your work will become familiar to us, but we have already featured several poems by newcomers.

Q: Can I comment on poems in this section?
A: No, the poems in this section are to read only; all threads are locked. If you want to make a comment, please search for the original post.

Q: Why is every post by cameron?
A: I post the poems into the forum so it looks as though I'm the author; but (obviously) I'm not.

Good luck.


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